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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answered the question of
Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much? 250 persons
I signed up for a session but cannot make it. Can I cancel? 152 persons
Where is the McMaster Experimental Economics Laboratory located? 150 persons
I see that there are sessions with available places in the calendar. How do I ask for an invitation to these sessions? 146 persons
Can I bring a friend to an experiment? 145 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" for an experiment listed in "My Experiments"? 142 persons
What is the difference between an "experiment" and a "session"? 135 persons
What do I have to do in an economic experiment? 131 persons
Can I participate in more than one experiment? 130 persons
Tell me more about McEEL and its history. 130 persons
What happens if too many people show up at a session? 128 persons
I moved and my contact information has changed. What should I do? 127 persons
Do I have to show up when I am invited to an experiment? 126 persons
You sent me an invitation but all of the sessions are already full. What gives? 126 persons
Should I put in fake information when creating a subject account? 123 persons
I have signed-up for an experiment, but cannot sign-up for the other experiments because they disappeared. 121 persons
How long does an experiment usually last? 118 persons
Who can participate in economic experiments? 116 persons
Do I really need to keep all the emails you have sent me? 115 persons
Do I have to be taking Economics to participate in an experiment? 111 persons
How do I sign in and out of my McEEL ORSEE account? 110 persons
What about privacy? 107 persons
I am graduating and I no longer wish to participate in experiments or receive invitation emails. How do I do that? 100 persons
I forget which sessions I've registered for. 100 persons
If I have other questions, who can I contact? 99 persons
The link in my registration confirmation email doesn't work anymore. 98 persons
My friend wants to register to participate in experiments but we cannot find the link that I used to do that. 97 persons

For questions please contact